Program Unggulan


Language is at the very center of human communication and interaction. It is the bridge that connects us or the gap that may divide us. Our world is endless, and one language is not enough to display it.  English language which is universal language and Arabic which is our religion language as Islam will be our concerned to be mastered by our students. Our program of creative developing of children such as Vocab pocket, English Arabic time, Our Voice, ZicZac will help the students to shapes their perception of the world and lays the foundation for much of what follows in life: identity, friendship, work and travel.

The concept of student approach to develop their foreign language is like when mother teaches us how to communicate.

Basic Stages of Language

Stage one – Vocab Pocket will invite students to learning Words in Arabic and English. At this stage children essentially learn how the sounds in a language go together to make meaning. It’s goal is to raise their confident in speaking foreign languange

Stage Two – E.A.T and My Voice will encourage student to learning Sentence. During this stage, students learn how to create sentences. That means they can put words in the correct order although it’s not grammatically correct. It’s goal is to build their comfort in speaking language.

Thus, by joining the activities in ZIIS will really help the student in learning foreign language. 3C (Confident, comfort, and competence) that is the core in learning English will be earned by students consciously and unconsciously. Hopefully after student can master them, they can explore their dream.